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Install Adobe Flash Plug-in and enable JavaScript, please

Now I present you my self-developed video player by using Adobe ActionScript 3, FlashBuilder 4.6 and Shockwave Flash 11.7.700.224
The player can handle video-clips (mime type mp4), music (mime type mp3) and pictures (mime types jpg, JPG, jpeg, JPEG, gif, GIF, png, PNG)

It is necessary to ENABLE JAVASCRIPT on your browser, and to download Adobe Shockwave Flash 11.7.700.224 or higher.
I have tested the player with the browsers Firefox 19.0.2, Chrome 25.0.1364.160 m , Safari 5.1.7, and Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16521
If you need more information, click on Requirements

After logging in, you can free upload and download your own videos, hits, and pictures. The disk space is unlimited.
But note: Each folder - videos, music, pictures - is limited to 100 entries only.
For file transferring, logging in etc., I built in ssl and bought a correspondending certificate from my Web Host in Texas. You can observe it on the signs https.
After logging in, there is a page for contacting me. So you can complain or give me error reports.

Have a lot of fun and play your videos etc. from somewhere else.
Do not forget to put on your headset or switch on your loudspeaker.

Now there is a photo series of my Rome trip. Click on the button Pictures on the left side. Please be patient. The download needs a lot of time for these 80 pictures.

For German visitors, click on the flag, and you will get most text in German.

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